About the author

The author of this blog, Frank Coster, is experienced in the area of business and IT alignment. From both the business side as well as the IT side. Frank lives and works in The Netherlands.

The way business and IT are working together is fascinating. Although there has been written extensively on this topic, in daily business it’s still a big challenge for most companies around the globe. Why is this so difficult? And, is IT so different than for example HR? And, is it all about strategy, or are personal relations and communication the key? I’m looking for answers on these questions, and am happy to share them with you.

I will post insights, information and questions it this blog, which I have found useful in learning about this topic. As said, there is a lot written about alignment, and in a broader sense, about the way business and IT cooperate. But, in many cases, these models provide little guidance for managers to realy improve their business. And, due to the overload of models, articles and books, it seems even harder to get some practical information. This is the reason to start this blog. I do not aim to create new scientific material, but I will bring current models and theories together. I will try to provide the maintopics which I have seen, and hope this will inspire you as it inspires me.

If you like to use posts from my site, that’s ok, but in that case, please include a clear reference to my site.


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