Scope/Architecture: The Fifth Dimension of the SAMM

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Alignment model, Architecture
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The fifth dimension of the Strategic Alignment Maturity Model of Luftman (2000) is Scope and Architecture. When assessing the business/IT alignment maturity, an important element is how mature the more technical part is perceived. Often, this domain scores somewhat higher, due to the origin of most IT departments, which is the technical side. But, while companies also run into inflexible legacy systems, the maturity sometimes is negative influenced. Let’s look at the (four) attributes.

First, the scope of the usage of IT. Is IT just traditional office supporting, or is IT more important and enables and drives IT the business? The second attribute is about the availability of clear standards. It’s not only the availabilty what matters, but also wether these standards are followed or not across the enterprise.

The next attribute looks at the level of integration of IT withinthe company. The more integrated, the higher the maturity assessment scores on this attribute. Finally, the last attribute is on flexibility of the chosen architecture. Can IT respond to fast changing business needs?


Luftman, Jerry: Assessing Business-IT Alignment Maturity, Communications of AIS, Volume 4, Article 14, December 2000


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