Partnership: The Fourth Dimension of the SAMM

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Alignment model, Partnership
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The fourth dimension of the Strategic Alignment Maturity Model of Luftman (2000) is partnership. Partnership between business and IT should evolve to a point where IT both enables and drives changes to both business processes as strategies. Six attributes are defined by Luftman.

First, how business perceives the value of IT. Is it seen as just a cost of doing business, or is IT perceived as an important partner. Second, does IT play a role in the strategic business planning process or not. If the do, apparantly this improves the relation and the level of alignment.

The third attribute is about the way goals, risks and rewards are shared or not.  The more shared they are, the more mature the partnership will be.

The next attribute asks to what extend there are formal processes in place that focus on enhancing the partnership relations. Programmanagement is seen as a suitable mechanisms to manage these relationships in a formal way.

The fifth attribute is about the level of trust between business and IT. And finally, the last attribute is about the level of sponsors and champions within the company. Are they only present at lower levels, or even at C-level.

The domain of partnership is highly connected to the way both parties perceive and trust each other.


Luftman, Jerry: Assessing Business-IT Alignment Maturity, Communications of AIS, Volume 4, Article 14, December 2000


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