Strategic Alignment Model Enhanced (SAME)

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Alignment model, Operational Alignment, Strategic Alignment, Tactical Alignment
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More or less in the same period as in which Maes (et al) developed the Amsterdam Information Model, a comparable model was developed by Van Bon and Hoving (2007), based on earlier work in 1998. They named their model the Strategic Alignment Model Enhanced (SAME). Both models look the same. Maybe, the scientific backgrounds are different, but from a practical point of view they appear similar. What the SAME model introduces is a nice definition of the different layers.

These three different layers (strategic, tactical, operational), combined with the three colomns (business, information, technology) form the SAME model.


Jan van Bon and Wim Hoving: SAME, Strategic Alignment Model Enhanced, BHVB bv, October 2007


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